• What are your consulting room hours?
    Panorama Orthopaedics in Bathurst is open for consulting with Dr Host 9am – 5pm Tuesday and Wednesdays.
    Panorama Orthopaedics in Lithgow is open for consulting alternate Fridays 9am – 5pm. (the other Friday is theatre day at Lithgow)
    Mudgee – One Wednesday per month in Mudgee 9am -5pm.

    Hours will vary for consulting dependent on the number of surgical procedures to be performed in Hospital on the same day.

    Appointments can be arranged for private (full fee) fracture/injury/trauma management.

  • Where are you located?
    Panorama Orthopaedics has three locations for consulting – one in Bathurst, one in Lithgow and one in Mudgee.
    Panorama Orthopaedics Bathurst – 73 Keppel Street, Bathurst (opposite the library)
    Panorama Orthopaedics Lithgow – Specialist Rooms Lithgow Hospital
    Panorama Orthopaedics Mudgee – Mudgee Medical Centre, 145 Church Street Mudgee
  • How do I get to your rooms?

    Panorama Orthopaedics Bathurst.

    Panorama Orthopaedics Lithgow

    Panorama Orthopaedics Mudgee

  • Where can I park at your rooms?
    Panorama Orthopaedics Bathurst – street parking is available on Keppel, however the majority is time limited at 1 hour. A disabled parking space is available directly in front of the rooms at 73 Keppel Street. 2 hour parking is available on Keppel Street closer to the train station (50-100m walk). Alternatively, ample parking is available behind the library, which is opposite the rooms.
    Panorama Orthopaedics Lithgow – ample parking is available in the hospital car park in front of the medical centre.
  • What should I bring to my appointment?
    For your first appointment, ensure that you bring with you a copy of your referral letter, your medicare card, and if applicable, your medical insurance details. These can all be submitted online in advance to save you time on the day if you wish (link to rego).
    Please also bring with you anything relevant to the condition you are seeking opinion on – any X-rays or scan results, medications, past treatment information, and any aides or other medical devices you are using.
  • What should I wear to my appointment?
    Dr Host will take a thorough history and perform a focused physical examination in order to identify any orthopaedic problems you may be suffering from. With that in mind, wear loose fitting clothing that can be pulled up to expose the area of interest, or wear shorts and singlet under your clothes and be prepared to remove outer garments for exposure.
  • How much will it cost for me to see you in rooms or have surgery?
    The cost of consultations depends on whether or not it is your first review or subsequent reviews, and timing of the review after surgery. For new consultations the cost is approx. $230 and follow up visits will be $150. You will receive a Medicare rebate which will be applied on the day of consultation. There is no Health Fund rebate available on consults. There is an out of pocket expense for consultations, as well as for some surgical procedures. Informed Financial Consent will be gained before any procedure is performed – you will be given the full costs upfront before you decide to proceed, and there will be no hidden costs after the event. For further information, feel free to call the rooms and discuss these matters with our staff.
  • Should I be treated as a private or public patient?
    The benefit of private medical cover is that Dr Host will personally perform your surgery, and you have control over when your surgery will be performed. Dr Host operates at two private hospitals – Bathurst Private and Lithgow Private. In the event of emergency surgery or trauma, you can elect to be treated as a private patient in a public hospital. Dr Host has admitting and operating rights at Bathurst Base Hospital and Lithgow District Hospital for this purpose.

    If you do not have private medical insurance, you can have your procedure done under the public Medicare system. For elective surgery, this can be performed at either Bathurst Base Hospital or Lithgow District Hospital. For trauma or emergency cases, Dr Host operates at Bathurst Base and Lithgow District Hospitals on a rotating roster with the other orthopaedic surgeons in the area. Procedures performed in public hospitals are generally performed by the training registrar (surgeon in training) under the direct supervision and instruction of Dr Host. For elective procedures, there is a waiting list that can vary from weeks to 12 months, and takes into account clinical urgency and duration of waiting period. Every endeavour will be made to have your elective procedure performed within 12 months of being deemed fit for your surgery and booked on the wait list.

  • What can I expect after my operation?
    Pain and swelling are expected outcomes from nearly all orthopaedic interventions. Every step will be taken to minimise this for you. Online information sheets are available on this website for many of the common orthopaedic surgeries.
    Following your surgery, Dr Host will discuss with you the surgical findings and any specific post-operative instructions. Most people cannot recall much of the discussions, so you will also be issued with an information sheet for your surgery that details the post-operative plan.
    Dr Host’s staff will contact you following your procedure to ensure you have recovered well, and to confirm your post-operative follow-up appointments.
  • I have been referred but not contacted for an appointment
    Occasionally we will not receive fax referrals, if you have been referred to Dr Host but not contacted by our rooms, please call us on 02 6332 4600.