What to bring

What to bring?

Pre-registration is available on our website through the online registration form. You can use this to lodge your demographic details, medicare and insurance details, medical history and medication usage. You can also scan and attach a copy of your referral letter. Doing so in advance will speed up the check-in process for you on the day. If you are unable to complete these online, please attend your interview a few minutes prior to your appointment to allow for completion of the required paperwork.

Xrays and Scans

If you have had any plain xrays, CT scans, MRI scans or ultrasounds of the region that you are seeking review of, please bring copies of your films and any reports that you have to your first and all subsequent appointments. If not, you may be asked to have these repeated or to come for a further appointment when the scans are available.

Referral Letter

Please bring a valid referral letter to your first appointment. A letter of referral is valid for 12 months if issued by your General Practitioner, and 6 months if issued by a Specialist. If you are required to obtain a new referral, our staff will contact your for this.


Please wear loose fitting clothing that will allow easy access to the area of your body that is causing you difficulties. If this is your shoulder or hip, you may be required to remove your outer clothes so the area can be properly visualised and assessed. Wearing sports clothes or shorts under long pants, and a singlet or loose T-shirt under jumpers and jackets is a good idea.


Payment will be required on the day for all appointments, and can be completed using cash or eftpos in the office. Cheques will not be accepted. For surgeries, any gap payments or self-funded payments will be detailed in an invoice and informed financial consent will be obtained. Timings for these payments will be discussed with you and detailed on your invoice. If you have any questions regarding payments, please contact our rooms and we will try and resolve your query.

Medicare and Private Health Information

Bring your medicare card and private health insurance card/information with you to all your appointments.

Medical History and Medications

Please bring a written list of your medical complaints and medications with you to your first appointment.