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Apple Watch and MyMobility App program

Dr Host and the Panorama Orthopaedics team will begin using the Apple Watch and MyMobility App program for its suitable and interested patients. For those on Android phones, the MyMobility app can still be used, but we lose the extra functions that the Apple Watch contributes. The Apple Watch will be provided free of charge to those that agree to be part of the program, so there are no hidden or extra costs. The app and watch are aimed at improving the patient care journey before and after knee replacement surgery, and will hopefully be expanded to also include hip surgery patients in the future. With a simple and easy to use interface, the MyMobility app will help keep patients connected and informed through customised notifications, video tutorials, to-dos and reminders from Dr Host.

Some of the key potential benefits of the app include:

  • Direct communication with the Panorama Orthopaedics team through messages, reminders, and surveys
  • Remote monitoring of your rehab
  • Personalised interactive exercises including useful videos
  • Shorter hospital stay post-operation
  • Track overall recovery progress and collect useful data for research purposes

Patients taking part in the program will be empowered to get home from hospital faster, safe in the knowledge and confidence that all they need for a sound recovery is contained in their Apple Watch and the MyMobility app. Secure encrypted messaging between you and our team at Panorama Orthopaedics will enhance the communication pathways like never before. This will enable you to ask a question of Dr Host and his team, or have a concern addressed promptly, all via the app rather than waiting for a call back or holding off until your next appointment. We are hoping this will revolutionise patient satisfaction and engagement.

The data set that the Apple Watch and MyMobility app collects will be monitored by your Panorama Orthopaedics team to make sure you are on track for a great recovery. If you fall behind, we can reach out and offer assistance earlier than ever before because of the monitoring systems built into the app. Instructional exercise videos combined with timely educational material and clever reminders will help patients stay in control of their recovery. 

Combining Robotic Surgical Assistants with the Apple Watch App, this technology will allow for data collection that will hopefully help surgeons world-wide improve patient outcomes from knee replacement surgery. Early data is already looking promising. If you would like to discuss any of this with Dr Host, please contact us to make an appointment.